Brief introduction of production history of color coating steel
The color coating board was born in the United States in 1936.

For the first time in construction, activities are shutters, rain baffle and other parts. At first, the raw materials were also single sheets, or 2 inch wide continuous coated steel coils, produced by the American Steel Corp and herent engineering company.

In 1949, the process improved in the United States.

After the Second World War, economic revival, industrial and civil buildings increasingly needed wide coloured coating steel plates. The United States also improved the production technology from the initial 1 coating and 1 baking to 2 coating 2 baking. Color coated steel sheets are widely used in buildings, automobiles, containers, instrument housings and so on. But the largest amount is industrial and civil buildings. The proportion of color coated boards used by the United States is about 75%.

In 1954, Japan produced color coated plates.

A single color coated plate was produced in 1954.

The production line of continuous color coated steel plate began in 1964.

Due to the steady growth of production in 1969, because of the earthquake belt in Japan, the light and earthquake resistant color coated steel plates are more popular, and the proportion of the buildings used in buildings is about 76% of the domestic consumption.

In 1961, Britain also began to produce color coating.

Subsequently, developed countries such as Germany and Sweden began to produce large quantities of color coated steel plates, mainly for construction purposes.

The Asian countries began to produce in 70s.

Some countries and regions in Asia: South Korea, Philippines and Taiwan began to have continuous color coated steel plate production line.

In 80s, China introduced production equipment.

In 80s, the emerging economies represented by China began to research and develop or introduce color coated steel plate production equipment. During the period, the State Planning Commission and the science and Technology Commission organized three ministries of metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry to include the development of color coated steel plates in the national development plan. Later, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel imported foreign color coated steel production lines. At the end of 80s, Baosteel and WISCO produced the first batch of color coated steel plates in the mainland of China. After 1995, the demand and production capacity of China's color coated steel sheet were greatly improved. At present, the production capacity of color coated steel plate is more than 20 million tons per year.

In 90s, India began to produce color coated plates.

In the late 90s, India and Western Asian countries also began to produce colored coated steel sheets.

Nowadays, life is inseparable from color coated panels. As the world manufacturing center, China has many of the world's leading raw materials and industrial products. As a new type of building material, color coated steel plate has the characteristics of long life, land saving and recycling, which is widely used in the fields of public buildings and industrial building enclosure, compared with the traditional brick and steel structure.

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